The Spanish Confederation of Mutual Provident Societies

The Spanish Confederation of Mutual Provident Societies


The Spanish Confederation of Mutual Provident Societies (La Confederación Española de Mutualidades), founded on 8th July 1947, is the highest representative body for Spanish mutual providence.

The Mutual Provident Societies form part of the Confederation directly or through their regional Federations.


A Mutual Provident Society is an association of people whose aim is to complement their state social security benefits. Mutual Provident Societies are a modern and altruistic form of mutual provident organisation, granting pensions in cases of retirement, widowhood, orphanhood, invalidity, illness or temporary job loss.

In addition to their own particular characteristics, all Mutual Provident Societies have the legal character proper to insurance organisations, but with a series of features that distinguish them from such organisations. These features include:

  • Non-profit-making.
  • Societies of individuals, not of capital.
  • Democratic participation.
  • Self-managing.
  • Basic aim: mutual providence.

Territorial Structure

The Spanish Confederation of Mutual Provident Societies has a total of 371 member societies.

37 are direct members of the Confederation, the rest being spread out territorially as follows:

The Euskadi Federation of Mutual Provident Societies 189 societies
The Catalan Federation of Mutual Provident Societies 68 societies
The Andalusian Federation of Mutual Provident Societies           20 societies
The Madrid Federation of Mutual Provident Societies 22 societies

Sector Data - 2013

Income from premiums 2.990 millions euros
Total assets 37.914 millions euros
Number of members           2.500.000

Our Aims

The chief aims of The Spanish Confederation of Mutual Provident Societies are:

  • The representation, defence and fostering of the common interests and rights, whether socio-economic, professional, educational or cultural, of Mutual Providence.
  • The promotion of Mutual Providence development, as well as of Mutual Providence as a complementary provision scheme, characterised by being non-profit-making, democratic and self-managed by the members themselves.
  • The organisation and provision of whatever services redound to the benefit of confederated bodies.
  • The fostering of collaboration by Mutual Providence in the management of State Social Security benefits.
  • The development of effective participation by Mutual Providence in social economic planning.
  • The inculcation of confederated bodies with a strong sense of mutual solidarity, the promotion of the creation of new mutual provident bodies and institutions, and the fostering of their continued existence by instilling in them a sense of development in line with the principles and tendencies addressed by new directions in our social legislation.

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